Arizona Study Program

Arizona Study Program

The Arizona Study Program is a twelve-year graded course of study developed by the Arizona State Music Teachers Association to provide for the development of musical Performance, Technique and Theory. It is organized in terms of the twelve years of public school, with one level for each of the years a student would be enrolled in school. It requires continual work throughout the year. In the Spring, there is a private evaluation of the repertoire and technique requirements by a Master Adjudicator, and a written theory test.

Students receive a written evaluation of their performance and a grade on their written theory test. Certificates and ribbons are awarded to the students to indicate their accomplishments. Plaques are awarded to those students successfully completing the Elementary Division 4A and the Intermediate Division 8A. Trophies and the James Anthony Senior Scholarships are awarded to students successfully completing the Advanced Division 12A. Upon entering college as a music major, students may apply for the Arnold Bullock Scholarship.

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2017-2018 Arizona Study Program Dates

December 1:

ASP Enrollment Forms Due

February 15:

Level 5-12 Student Program Forms Due
End of Late Enrollment

March 1:

Janice McCurnin Teacher Enrichment Grant and Janice McCurnin Certification Grant applications due


Packet 2 Evaluation Information sent to enrolled teachers

April 27 & 28:

ASP Evaluations


Az Piano, 4134 E. Wood Street