Fall Festival

Fall Festival & Competition: "The Historical Periods of Music"

The Fall Festival gives students the opportunity to be evaluated performing before a judge. Each student receives a written critique and a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal, or a Participant’s Ribbon. A recital of the Gold Medal winners and awards ceremony is held the day following the auditions.

Tatyana Eldridge
Barbara Stoutenburgh


Registration Deadline: September 29, 2017

Register online or download and print the registration form. See 2017 Fall Festival Participation Requirements for teacher information.

Student information may be accessed at Student/Parent Info. Please share this link with parents.

Non-Refundable Registration Fees

  • Elementary I and II: $20.00
  • Intermediate I and II: $22.00
  • Advanced: $24.00


  • Teachers entering participants must be active members in good standing of PMTA.
  • Teachers and students must abide by the Student Responsibilities and Guidelines, located at the top of the printable registration form.
  • Students entered must have studied with the current teacher at least three (3) months before the registration deadline.
  • Teachers may enter any number of students. Chairperson(s) may enter students.


  • Elementary I (grades K-3) – minimum level 1
  • Elementary II (grades 4-5) – minimum level 3
  • Intermediate I (grades 6-7) – minimum level 5
  • Intermediate II (grades 8-9) – minimum level 7
  • Advanced (grades 10-12) – minimum level 9


  • Category A: Student must perform two selections, memorized. Students will be awarded either a gold, silver or bronze medal, or participant ribbon. All gold medal winners are expected to perform in the Gold Medal Recital.
  • Category B: Student performs two selections for evaluation only – memory optional. Students of any age may register in Category B. No medals can be awarded – participation ribbon only.


Each student is to perform two pieces:

  • Elementary 1: two contrasting pieces from two different Historical Periods.
  • Elementary 2, Intermediate 1 and 2, Advanced: one piece from the Baroque period and one piece from Classical, Romantic or Modern periods.

Only original compositions by composers of renown are acceptable. Arrangements/simplified versions are not allowed. Jazz, Ragtime and Blues are not acceptable. WTC Preludes and Fugues by J.S. Bach must be considered as one piece (they cannot be played separately).

For reference purposes, teachers may consult the 2014 Preludes/Etudes/Inventions Repertoire List and the Arizona Study Program Repertoire Guide 2016 (available from ASP).