Student Recital Series

Student Recital Series

2017-2018 Student Recital Series

PMTA's Student Recital Series gives piano, instrumental and vocal students a unique opportunity to perform in a public setting. These performance opportunities are special in that students enjoy meeting and hearing peers from outside their own studios in a friendly recital setting.
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Dates:  October 7, 2017  •  December 9, 2017  •  March 3, 2018  •  May 12, 2018
Time:  4:00 pm
Location:  Az Piano, 4134 E Wood St, Phoenix 85040


Cheryl Langley and Nellie Cronin


Solo and ensemble pieces of any level.

All performers must be students of PMTA members. In multiple-teacher studios, students must be registered under their own teacher’s name (not the studio name or studio owner’s name), and only those teachers who are members of PMTA may register students.


Registration must be received (not postmarked) at least one week prior to the recital date. Photocopy the registration form. Type or print information, and mail, fax or email to Nellie Cronin.

Available time is on a “first come, first served” basis. You will receive confirmation once your forms are received. Students who are not scheduled due to time constraints will receive first priority on the following recital.


No fee is required.

Teacher Information

  • Music performed must be comparable to the repertoire used for other PMTA events. Vocal and instrumental music may be transposed and performed with piano accompaniments. No taped accompaniments are allowed.
  • Each teacher is allowed 10 minutes performance time. Additional time will be given if available.
  • Keep a signed copy of the Student Guidelines for each student registered.
  • Performances must be well-prepared.
  • Student information may be accessed at Student/Parent Info. Please share this link with parents.

This is an opportunity for well-prepared students to perform in a recital setting that is more public in nature than the private studio recital setting. If you have any question about the ability of a student to perform, please contact the chairperson for an audition either in person or via recording.

Student Information

  • Performances must be polished. Auditions may be held personally or via recording at the discretion of your teacher.
  • For pianists and vocalists, all music must be memorized.
  • Dress appropriately for the recitals. See the Student Guidelines.
  • Vocalists must abide by the Guidelines for Vocal Events.
  • Performers and audience should observe standard recital etiquette.